Virtual roundtable to discuss how 3D-printing can be used to combat Covid-19

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3D printer manufactuer Nanofabrica is hosting a virtual roundtable tomorrow for researchers, doctors and manufacturers, to discuss how 3D printing can be used to develop medical devices in response to Covid-19.

The roundtable will take place at 14:00 GMT, and will feature a brain storming session between all interested parties on how 3D printing – particularly that with 1 micron resolution over cm-sized volume – can be used to help combat Covid-19.


Possible structures that could be manufactured are smart filters for microfluidic chips, anti-bacterial surfaces, complex and precise structures and soft moulds for fast injection molding.

The event can be found here:

If you are unable to make it for the virtual session, send an email with all your questions and details to and Nanofabrica will reply as soon as possible. 







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