Laser welding enables use of steel pistons in car diesel engines

21 February 2019

Mahle has developed a new production process involving laser welding that enables steel pistons to be used in the diesel engines of passenger cars

High-power fibre laser used to weaken hard rock in geothermal drilling

20 February 2019

A high-power fibre laser has been successfully tested in field trials for weakening hard rock in order to improve the efficiency and cost of geothermal drilling

NLight's Corona fibre laser wins Prism Award for innovation in industrial lasers at Photonics West

13 February 2019

NLight, a manufacturer of semiconductor and industrial fibre lasers, has won the 2019 Prism Award for Industrial Lasers with its Corona fibre laser

Two awards to recognise innovation at Laser World of Photonics

13 February 2019

At this year's Laser World of Photonics, exhibiting companies and start-ups will be recognised for their innovative designs and technologies

Nobel laureates urge European Commission to prioritise photonics funding

25 January 2019

Nobel prize winning scientists behind major photonics breakthroughs have warned that the sector could be seriously compromised if it is not included in the Horizon Europe draft funding priority list

Horizon 2020 project to develop super hydrophobic materials using USP lasers

25 January 2019

A collaborative Horizon 2020 project has begun this month that will develop a new method of laser surface texturing using ultrashort pulse lasers in order to produce super hydrophobic polymer and metal materials

Project to develop 60kW CW laser diode sources for welding thick steel sheets in ship building

11 January 2019

Partners of a joint research project are looking to establish fast, high-quality laser welding processes for shipbuilding and other maritime applications

Researchers using ultrashort pulse lasers to develop automotive HUDs

10 January 2019

Partners of a German research project are exploring how the beams of ultrashort pulse lasers can be shaped using refractive and diffractive optical elements

Scientists use ultra-fast lasers to create world’s first self-cleaning metals

08 January 2019

A Horizon 2020 project has achieved a breakthrough using ultrafast high-power lasers that will enable the production of self-cleaning sheet metal on an industrial scale for the first time

Trumpf acquires laser diode division of Philips

08 January 2019

Trumpf is acquiring 100 per cent of Photonics GmbH from Philips. The move represents Trumpf's largest acquisition since buying JFY in China in 2013

Scientists use laser technique to 3D print structures made of gold

07 December 2018

Scientists have published the results of a research project which found that a laser technique enables the printing of 3D metal structures made from pure gold

Horizon 2020 projects commencing in 2019 to develop new ultrafast lasers

06 December 2018

Two Horizon 2020 projects are set to begin at the start of 2019 that will see the development of two new ultrafast laser systems