16kW laser welding system

Cyan Tec has launched a new 16kW laser system. The highly flexible, high-power laser cell is already driving state-of-the-art projects at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

The impressive scale of this 8m x 10m x 7m laser system reflects growing industry demand for laser systems with advanced handling capabilities.

Cyan Tec’s team of innovative, multi-disciplined engineers have succeeded in delivering a system capable of achieving high-quality welding joins, from around 15mm, over lengths of several metres, driving forward advanced welding applications in industries such as nuclear, marine and aerospace.

Cyan Tec claims an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of complex automated laser systems for welding, cutting, ablation, additive manufacture and surface modification. This exciting new system reportedly minimizes heat distortion and thermal stress to achieve high-quality welds for stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and alloy products.

The Cyan Tec laser system delivers travel speeds of 10m+ per minute, with a six-axis gantry and 2-axis manipulator table capable of handling products up to 15 tonnes. User friendly HMI and digital dual screen display enable operators to control and monitor in-cell processing.

In addition to launching advanced laser systems Cyan Tec has a dedicated team of development engineers responding to demand for made-to-order laser solutions for special applications.

Manufacturers considering incorporating advanced laser solutions into production lines value specialist in-line equipment expertise from advanced integrators such as Cyan Tec who have a demonstrable record of successful large scale, complex high-powered laser solutions. Such dedicated integrators can offer the advice, support and technical solution required to ensure successful integration of in-line laser solutions.    

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