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4JET introduces solution for simplified 3D surface lasing

The laser system specialist 4JET Technologies offers a new solution to system integrators and end customers for programming and recipe creation of scanner-based surface processing on complex 3D workpieces.

With the new SCANYWHERE™ system 4JET addresses the growing market for large-scale cleaning and processing of complex workpieces, e.g. in automobile industry.

In order to reduce effort of engineering and start-up and to decrease the investment cost by modularization, the 4JET developers have redesigned the construction of laser processing machines.

Central workpieces of the solution are pulsed fiber-directed lasers with an output of a few 100W to currently 2kW, a 2D galvo-scanner and an articulated robot. The brain is the new SCANYWHERE™ software solution.

The set-up personnel may define the areas to be cleaned and the corresponding processing strategy with a few clicks in the 3D CAD model of the workpiece. The SCANYWHERE™ software generates an integrated triggering of the laser source, the path planning of the robot, and the scan strategy. The parameters necessary for constant processing results, like focal position, pulse overlap and feed rate are ensured automatically.

Compared to the classical approach in laser special purpose machinery manufacture where workpiece-specific handling solutions are realized by axial systems and classic PLC or CNC controls, SCANYWHERE™ saves between 1.000 and 2.000 development hours when defining a special purpose machine and considerably reduces the effort for new workpiece geometries when retrofitting during operation.

4JET considers the solution to be a pioneer for further simplification of the integration of the laser cleaning technology for the processing of large complex structures, like body workpieces, battery trays, or frames. Thus and because of the ongoing cost digression of the laser beam sources, the unit or area-related costs of the technology are reduced dramatically.

SCANYWHERE™ is available in three versions:

SCANYHWERE™ TURNKEY (pictured above) - The fully automated laser system, based on modules, that can be adapted to customer needs.

SCANYWHERE™ ENGINE - The basic solution for synchronization of scanner and robot.

SCANYWHERE™ INTEGRATION - The integration solution with laser process made by 4JET including scanner, robot and laser source.

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