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5 process machine

Synova, a leading provider of diamond cutting solutions, is launching its new "5 process" (5P) - machine enabling accurate gem diamond processing such as table sawing, girdling, crown coning, pavilion coning and blocking. It can also be used for thin and parallel slicing to any crystalline orientation of laboratory grown diamonds such as CVD and HPHT. The ultra-compact DCS 50 is available in a 5-axis configuration, offering the diamond manufacturing industry optimum flexibility, high productivity and yields, marginal weight loss and reduced risk of diamond breakage.

"The DCS 50 is the perfect addition to our popular DSC 300 and 150 series. The 5-axis DCS 50-5 with two rotary axes allows high-precision fancy shaping and blocking and offers a cost-efficient solution for large and small stones," states Joerg Pausch, Head of Synova's Diamond Business Unit.

All DCS machines incorporate Synova's unique water jet guided laser technology (Laser MicroJet®) that generates a cylindrical laser beam within a hair-thin water jet, resulting in perfectly parallel walls, tight kerf widths, smooth sawing surfaces and sharp edges. The integrated "diamond wizard" software solution allows 2D and 3D processing, including "pie sawing" capabilities, enabling users to perform partial pie cuts in one setup, eliminating the need to reset the stone. DCS systems are more than sawing machines, they are complete CNC systems. Customers benefit from Synova's unique expertise as an industrial micro-machining solutions provider; leveraging a knowledge base across multiple industries that have a common need for high precision and expanded hardware/software capabilities.

Synova will inaugurate a second micro-machining center (MMC) in the US in the state of New Jersey in October. The new competence center will be equipped with a LCS/DCS 50 machine for feasibility testing and application development. Diamond-processing services will also be offered. "We're excited about the opening of our new East Coast location that will help to better support our customers in the region and to grow the business in North America," says Jacques Coderre, US Business Manager of Synova SA.

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