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AdValue Photonics releases new glass processing machine

AdValue Photonics has introduced a laser glass processing machine to drill, cut, mark, and mill glass materials including soda lime, borosilicate, optical glasses, fused quartz, and coated glasses.

This laser machine provides superior flexibility, quality, and throughput for glass fabrication. With proprietary fiber laser and system design, the machine can drill glass substrates with thickness from 50µm to 10mm with hole size 50µm to 90mm in diameter. The technology offers little-to-zero tapper and micro crack holes with programmable drilling design. The equivalent drilling speed surpasses conventional mechanical drilling method. For example, it takes only 1.5s to drill a Ф10mm hole on a 1mm thick glass and 3s on a 2mm thick glass.

This technology is offering a "green" fabrication process. No cooling water is needed as conventional mechanical processing or waterjet cutting. The machine is equipped with a cutting-edge fiber laser, motion system, camera alignment system, and granite surface plate to provide low maintenance cost, high precision and to boost productivity.

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