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All-In-Light package

With the new ‘All-In-Light’ package, Precitec offers a solution for the complete optical chain – from the laser and the laser light fibre to the cutting head. This package is made possible by a strategic cooperation with Trumpf, and makes the disc laser technology available for manufacturers of flatbed and tube cutting machines.

The package provides state-of-the-art laser technology and innovative cutting head technology, plus the additional benefits provided by a ‘one-stop-shop’, giving a reduction in complexity in addition to easier sourcing and purchasing of parts.

Precitec offers the All-In-Light cutting package internationally with a power of 1 to 6kW. Options with 8kW are currently being tested and solutions for up to 10kW are already being developed. Furthermore, Precitec has been successful in improving the cutting quality – especially regarding the nitrogen cutting of stainless steel with thicknesses exceeding 30mm – in recent months by targeted product developments.

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