Amada Miyachi Europe at Medtec

Amada Miyachi Europe announced that it will highlight a range of laser and resistance welding equipment ideal for the medical industry at Medtec Europe, to be held 4-6 April 2017, Messe Stuttgart, Germany, Stand 3B24, Hall 3. Amada Miyachi Europe will be highlighting the Miyachi EAPRO Automatic Hypotube Coating Removal System, the Miyachi Unitek LMWS Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System, and the MacGregor DC613T high performance linear DC spot welding power supply, which features a newly developed low force dual weld head.

The Miyachi EAPRO Automatic Hypotube Coating Removal System on display is ideal for removing biomedical coatings on round and cylindrical components like hypotubes, springs, coils, and guide wires. The laser ablation systems can also be used for advanced surface treatments, including discoloration, foaming, and darkening or annealing. The clean non-contact laser process reduces or eliminates dust during manufacturing, and can be used to process most plastic and metal parts fed as a bundle or on a reel.

Also on display is the new LMWS Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System, ideal for laser welding copper tabs to batteries, as well as welding thin wires like thermocouples and guidewires. The LMWS with the integrated 70 watt LMF70-HP pulsed fiber laser combines cutting-edge technology with industrial robustness for welding applications. This versatile system can be used for welding metals, plastics and dissimilar metals. By simply changing the settings, LMWS can also mark, engrave, cut, drill, and ablate thin materials. Geared for low volume production and research and development environments, it can easily be transitioned to more automated systems when required.

Stop by Stand 3B24 to see the Macgregor DC613T high performance 1000 Amp precision linear DC spot welding power supply. The DC613T combines touch panel integrated database process control and monitoring with a high accuracy, zero ripple linear transistor output stage. It delivers ultra-fast 10 microsecond dynamic process response rates, with absolute closed loop 1amp incremental accuracy and repeatability.

The DC613T power supply will be shown paired with the MWH-Smart series of modular weld heads, a cost effective precision solution for quality controlled process monitoring applications. The weld head module can be fitted with optional force and digital displacement feedback transducers that can ensure welding force is always defined. The modules can be used with servo system, pneumatic, or cable driven actuators.

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