Arges introduces new ASC Laser Controller Solution

Arges, a product brand of Novanta, has announced the addition of its new laser controller, ASC Generation 4, to its ASC series portfolio.

This new controller features powerful performance thanks to updated electronics, changeable multi-functional interface boards for added flexibility, and open platform with embedded Linux OS. This controller solution is compatible with all Arges scan heads, lasers, and sub-systems.

Packed with enhanced features and performance, this next generation controller works seamlessly with our proprietary software, InScript for a complete laser control solution. Arges' cross-collaborative team has developed a controller platform that enables a new level of performance for the most demanding, high-speed laser processing applications.

With this release the firm is integrating new functionality that allows its customers to seamlessly control their laser processes with real-time feedback from our Optical Coherence Tomography technology. This enables entirely new laser processing capabilities, where 3D topography of the work surface can be mapped in-situ for quality control or to control the laser scanning process itself.

This release features:

  • Powerful Quadcore 64bit-CPU with 215k logic cell FPGA, enabling high-power performance
  • Timestamp based infrastructure for precise scanner and laser real-time control
  • High Throughput: Timestamp based data processing at 200K sample rate
  • High accuracy enabling Micromachining jobs
  • Easy combination/alignment of several signal streams with TSS technology
  • Modular SW-architecture enables a quick extension of the scope of functionality
  • Short response time of the system (<10 ms) via C API enables quick process handling