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Barrnon invests in bespoke fibre laser cutting machine

Boutique engineering services provider, Barrnon Limited, has invested in a new, bespoke laser cutting machine from MBA Engineering, to work with its unique source from IPG Photonics featuring a beam splitter. 

After investing in the new, 6KW fibre laser source from IPG photonics, Barrnon Ltd searched to find a machine supplier which would accommodate the requirement of suppling a machine that would integrate with Barrnon’s existing laser source. 

The split beam means the engineering service provider can now run its robotic welder and laser cutting machine using just one source, maximising the laser utilisation as when Barrnon isn’t cutting, it can weld. 

Andy Barr, director of Barrnon Ltd, said: “I’d heard about the speed and efficiency of the Kimla machines within the industry and went to see them for myself at MBA Engineering. After witnessing it first hand, we decided to make the investment and purchase a 1530 Powercut Linear Fibre machine to share the source with our robotic welder. We needed a truly bespoke machine to be fitted around the source, and MBA Engineering was able to deliver this. 

“We’ve been very impressed with the machine so far, and the additional support we have received since the installation provides great peace of mind to us at Barrnon Limited.” 

MBA Engineering also transported and installed the machine, liaising directly with IPG Photonics during the process, and working with the team onsite too. 

Bradley McBain, managing director of MBA Engineering, said: “Providing a machine without a source is a very unique project, but the flexibility of the Kimla machines enable us to provide a completely bespoke service to meet a manufacturer’s requirements. As well as delivering on this project from the beginning, we will also be offering ongoing support.

“At a time where lasers are becoming more efficient, a laser cutting machine can complete jobs in a fraction of the time of its predecessor, freeing up time for the business. In Barrnon’s case, this time is replaced by the robotic welder’s output.”

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