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BC20-V1 laser sensor

Ophir Photonics Group, a Newport Corporation company celebrating 40 years of excellence as the global leader in precision laser measurement equipment, has announced the BC20-V1 laser sensor for measuring the power of scanned or intermittent beams. The BC20-V1 is a photodiode sensor that measures any wavelength over the spectral range of 400 – 1100nm. It is the only product on the market that is capable of measuring the power of laser bar code scanners; it also measures laser printer scanners and the peak power of pulsed mode lasers.

The BC20-V1 measures power from 0.1mW – 20mW. It has a peak detector that allows it to measure the power of a beam as it sweeps past the sensors. It features a 10x10mm aperture. The background is automatically subtracted from both scanned and static beams. The sensor includes two modes of operation: holding the highest reading for 5 seconds then updating the reading, or updating the reading three times per second. The BC20-V1 with 1.5 meter cable works with most Ophir meters and has a swivel mount for ease of operation.

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