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BeamGage, BeamTrack, BeamWatch and coatings

Ophir Photonics has introduced the newest versions of BeamGage, BeamTrack, BeamWatch, and coatings for high power laser sensors.

BeamGage 6.1 is a beam profiling system that performs data acquisition and analysis of laser beam parameters, such as beam size, shape, uniformity, divergence, mode content, and expected power distribution.

The new version features a major upgrade of the computation engine to improve cycle time, responsiveness of the user interface, and enhance the ability to work with apertures and partitions.

BeamGage is based on the company's UltraCal baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy. BeamGage supports auto-setup and auto-exposure for fast set-up and optimised accuracy.

The software supports the English, German, Japanese, and Chinese Windows OS in 32- and 64-bit modes. Multilingual GUI is supported in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Ophir has also released the newest member of its BeamTrack family, the 1000W-BB-34-Quad. BeamTrack is a series of compact, multi-function thermal detectors that measure laser power, energy, beam position, and in some models beam size, in one device.

The BeamTrack family includes 3W, 10W, 50W, 150W, and 250W detectors. The new, high power 1000W-BB-34-Quad measures power and position up to 1,000W. Sensors are available with a range of aperture sizes, from 12mm to 50mm. The broadband absorbers of the detectors can measure a spectral range from 150nm to 20µm.

The company has also launched the newest version of its BeamWatch product, a non-contact, focus spot size and position monitor for very high power YAG and fibre lasers used in material processing applications, such as automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

Because there is no contact with the laser beam, the system has no power restriction and has been successfully tested on high-power lasers up to 100kW. BeamWatch now features an algorithm that optimizes the measurement window.

Finally, Ophir has added improved damage-resistant coatings to its high-power laser sensors in the 300W to 1,500W range. The L300W-LP, FL400A-LP, 1000W-LP, and L1500W-LP sensors now feature the improved LP1 absorber.

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