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BLMelements is a software suite which groups the BLM GROUP programming, simulating, managing and production control tools.

A distinctive and extremely important strength of these applications is their integration, which considerably simplifies the work of programmers. From simple components to multiple-part/multiple-technology assemblies, the objective is to see the end part as a whole, without needing to program each single job separately regardless of its type – laser cutting, disc cutting, bending or end-forming. Starting from a three-dimensional model of an assembly, for instance, you may want to examine and analyze it with the help of software tools capable of recognizing the various parts and jobs and manage them automatically.

Therefore, grouping the programming, simulating and production control applications in the BLMelements suite has practical implications on system integration. 


This is the extremely powerful Lasertube CAD/CAM programming tool. With its many add-on modules, it is the most advanced laser design system on the market today.

The three-dimensional parametric CAD model exploits the potentials of advanced libraries, which include fitting and cut-bend options, simplifying to the fullest operations which took a long time and required a great deal of expertise to put together.

The module for importing 3D models is just as effective. The Assembler module allows you to import complex tubular structures and not just individual parts, to make managing them extremely easy. Multi-technology models, including bent tubes, can also be imported. Bending operations are automatically recognized and managed by creating the part program to be sent to the bending system. This opportunity considerably expands the "system integration" concept.

The CAM module exploits the thirty years of experience of BLM GROUP in laser tube processing and offers optimal automatic cutting solutions. In most cases, it is even possible to switch from importing the 3D model to generating the part program directly without any manual operation.


An extremely simple and versatile bending system for programming and managing, designed by BLM GROUP to be used on all tube and wire bending systems.

The tube design is displayed in 3D mode gradually as the operator enters the data of each bend with a very simple and intuitive sequence of operations.

At the end of the programming operation, a 3D graphic simulator shows the real processing of the part on the selected bending system and highlights any collisions which would make it impossible.

Being able to import 3D models of the bent tubes and the link to Artube to receive part programs prepared in advance makes this system extremely practical and easy to use.


This is the CAD/CAM software used to program the LT-FREE five-axis laser cutting system. Equipped with an effective module for importing 3D models, such as bent tubes, hydroformed or printed sheet, with ArtCut you can design laser cutting processes to be performed on the model, check the result with a very realistic 3D graphic simulation that checks for collisions, and finally calculate processing times and costs. All this off-line, while the machine is working on another job. This implies huge saving of time compared to traditional five-axis system programming methods.


Powerful application for simulating the Lasertube system part programs. This means you can manage a part program archive in the office displaying each one graphically in 3D and accurately estimating the time and costs of the job.

Essential in the office for making estimates, it also allows you to modify/manage machine options and immediately see the consequences on system productivity.


This application can be used to manage part families with jobs in common to all parts that differ for relative dimensions and positions. With Composer you can save a parametric model of the family which can be easily called up and sent into production with parametric information relating to variable dimensions only.

An external ERP, with which Composer can then be easily interfaced, can be used for selecting the family and defining measurements.


Production management on BLM GROUP systems can be done in the office using Protube. The most complete version allows you to plan, control and monitor production on the BLM GROUP systems in the workshop. Protube can interface with your ERP system to exchange data on the availability of material in stock during the work order preparation or to receive and transmit information from and to the ERP system while monitoring the single machines and/or the job orders.

Implementing the same concept of BLMelements, Protube can control the production of multi-part/multi-technology orders.