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BluGlass launches suite of GaN laser products at Photonics West

Global semiconductor developer BluGlass launched its first suite of gallium nitride (GaN) laser products at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco last week.

BluGlass’ lasers are available across 405nm, 420nm, and 450nm wavelengths in both single-mode and multi-mode devices.

Customers can inspect performance data and purchase these products in a range of form factors including TO Cans of different sizes and Chip-on-Submounts.

The firm’s suite of available products have passed entry-level commercial specifications following significant product development, optimisation, and performance and reliability testing.

The following products are now available for customer purchase:

  • Violet 405nm multi-mode 1W laser
  • Violet 405nm single-mode 250mW laser
  • Violet 420nm multi-mode 1W laser
  • Violet 420nm single-mode 250mW laser
  • Blue 450nm multi-mode 1W laser
  • Blue 450nm single-mode 100mW laser

The Company has received interest from customers wanting to deploy BluGlass lasers in their product development programmes, which span a multitude of applications including; 3D printing, quantum sensing and computing, material sensing, and flow cytometry.

Commenting on the product launches, BluGlass President Jim Haden said, “We are delighted to launch our first suite of products at Photonics West. The release of these laser diodes reflects the significant performance and reliability improvements we have made over the past year. The market is telling us there is a growing need for a dedicated GaN laser supplier who can provide greater manufacturing agility and form factor flexibility, to enable manufacturers to expand their product offerings and market applications. We have several potential customers interested in our portfolio, and this significant milestone paves the way for first orders and commercial revenues.

“Our product offering will continue to grow and improve – with expanded wavelengths, higher-power, and novel laser architectures also progressing through the supply chain. We expect the execution of our ongoing vertical integration plans to further improve quality and accelerate development timelines for future products and enable us to scale manufacturing capacity to meet demand.

“The visible laser market is a high-value and high-margin semiconductor segment that is growing rapidly, with ubiquitous use in everything from consumer electronics, advanced manufacturing to medical diagnostics, quantum computing, and defence applications. Within the broader market, GaN lasers offer inherent advantages over traditional infrared laser diodes, including higher energy absorption in key industrial metals, tighter beam focus, and improved efficiency. These competitive advantages are driving significant interest from global customers.”

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