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Bofa International introduces new fire mitigation technology

Bofa International has introduced fire mitigation technology designed to protect growing investment in high temperature fibre laser systems.

The company’s new FireBox models and innovative spark arrestor provide inline protection for laser coding and cutting systems in fast-moving consumer goods markets, as operators increasingly adopt fibre technology to benefit from being able to code onto metallic surfaces. Fibre lasers penetrate deeper into base metal, however, and without effective extraction technology, un-oxidised particles can gather around the laser area, in hoses/ducting or in filters.  

To address any potential issues, Bofa has developed the FireBox GA for general applications, and the FireBox MA for metal applications, a self-extinguishing inline pre-filtration system positioned before the fume extraction unit. Both are available in larger sizes to cater for larger extraction systems. The FireBox incorporates a temperature controller that automatically switches off extraction system power and closes electronic valves should the pre-set ambient temperature be exceeded by 10°C. If the temperature rises another 10°C, then the integrated fire extinguisher will be activated.

In addition, the firm’s new Spark Arrestor 2 prevents potentially damaging, incandescent particulate, from entering the fume extraction unit by transporting the particulate through specially designed impingement plates until it drops into the removable drop-out chamber.

The FireBox and Spark Arrestor 2 can be used as stand-alone units in line with the extraction system, or can be combined to offer exceptional protection, dependent upon the process and assessed risk.

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