Bold Laser Automation develops cost-effective, modular cobot loader/unloader for laser microfabrication

US firm Bold Laser Automation has developed a cost-effective, modular cobot loader/unloader for laser-based microfabrication applications called the LPF-UR5P Series (Laser Precision Fabricator – UR Cobot 5 – Pallet System). The system includes options for laser drilling, trimming, welding, marking, and laser soldering.

The system offers part placement of ±0.030mm and onboard/remote camera alignment options, enabling an assembly to be picked up, aligned, and inserted into a processing fixture automatically. With onboard IO and PLC programming, simple clamping or fixturing tools can be added. The LPF-UR platform, utilising full component assembly automation or a basic pallet system, can provide opportunities for scaling up an application without incurring increased labour costs.

With automated vision tools, the LPF-UR platform can perform human-type precision alignment tasks such as orienting parts and loading into fixturing. Bold Laser Automation offers the LPF-UR platform to clients with existing laser systems, though seamlessly retrofitting to the laser controls, preserving existing capital investment.