Bystronic expands ByStar Fiber with XXL format

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Bystronic is expanding its ByStar Fiber laser cutting system with the extra-large 6225 and 8025 formats. This increases the productivity of fiber laser cutting and the diversity of cutting applications.

More sheet metal, more parts, more variety. Extra-large-format laser cutting systems enable users to stand out from their competitors with an expanded processing portfolio. In order to support sheet metal processing companies with a large selection of machine formats, Bystronic is expanding the ByStar Fiber high-end laser cutting system to include the 6225 and 8025 formats. The machine can be equipped with laser outputs from 3 to 10 kilowatts, depending on the users’ requirements.

Thanks to the new extra-large formats, users can process metal sheets on the ByStar Fiber with a working area of up to 8 by 2.5 meters. This increases the machine’s productivity, because large metal sheets allow the parts that are to be cut to be nested more efficiently and thus significantly reduce undesirable raw material offcuts. The BySoft 7 software supports users with smart nesting procedures that enable optimal cutting plans to be created for large formats.

Variety generates a competitive edge

Frequently the key to success is to increase the variety of cut parts. Thanks to the ByStar Fiber’s new 6225 and 8025 formats, this is also no problem. Large-format metal sheets allow large parts to be cut in addition to diverse small parts, without requiring the machine to interrupt the laser cutting process during long cutting paths. This provides a competitive advantage that laser cutting systems in the common standard formats cannot offer.

In addition to cutting applications with extra-large metal sheets, it is also possible to process several smaller-format sheets in one go. The various metal sheets can be positioned on the ByStar Fiber’s cutting table as required. This enables users to increase the level of machine utilization by reducing non-productive times and allowing the laser cutting system to operate for longer in an uninterrupted cutting cycle.

As standard, all ByStar Fiber machines, including the new extra-large formats, are equipped with the latest generation Bystronic cutting head. Additional options, such as a second operating terminal with touch screen, ensure an optimal overview when operating the extra-long machines.

The extra-large format increases productivity. The parts that are to be cut can be nested more efficiently on large sheets, and larger parts can also be produced from one piece.







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