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Bystronic launches 20kW ByStar Fiber

Previously only available in 3-15kW output powers, Bystronic’s ByStar Fiber systems are now also available as 20kW versions, offering enhanced cutting quality and productivity. 

Compared to the 15kW systems, the productivity of the new versions are on average 40 per cent higher when cutting mild steel and stainless-steels from 4-20mm in thickness. This means sheet metal processing companies can benefit from higher productivity at lower unit costs.

Regardless of whether cutting aluminium, non-ferrous metals, or steel, the high-performance cutting head on the Bystar Fiber excels with high precision in both thin and thick sheets and profiles. In addition, the 20kW output power opens up extended applications in processing steel and aluminium sheets up to 50mm in thickness. The systems also feature a new ‘Parameter Wizard’ option, which ensures that the correct quality of the cut parts is always achieved, by obtaining the perfect parameters within minutes. 

The new power level is available for the ByStar 3015, 4020, 6225 and 8025.

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