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Bystronic launches ByTube Star 130 tube cutter

Speed up your tube laser business with the new ByTube Star 130, the high-end tube laser cutter from Bystronic with the most functions.

Precision, user-friendliness, and a fully automatic setup with open profiles and ellipses lead to greater flexibility and quality in production.

Bystronic supports its customers with solutions that make them even more competitive.

Thanks to powerful machines and optimized processes, they can look to the future with confidence.

With the ByTube Star 130 laser cutting system, sheet metal production operations enter quickly and easily into tube processing, including profile cutting, thus accessing new customer groups.

Fully automatic setup

If you are looking to expand your portfolio, you have the perfect solution for tube processing at hand with the ByTube Star 130: fast, simple, efficient, and with the most functions. The broad spectrum of applications for all metallic materials in sizes from 10 to 130 millimeters and raw material lengths of up to 8.5 meters opens up new possibilities.

The automated system reduces manual intervention to a minimum and thus makes getting started in tube processing particularly easy. At the same time, the machine covers an exceptionally broad range of needs: Since 85 percent of the market potential in the segment is in small tubes, the ByTube Star 130 is equipped for processing tubes with diameters of 10 to 130 millimeters. The tube laser cutter has a loading capacity of up to 17 kilograms per meter.

Available in two power levels, 2 or 3 kilowatts, the fiber laser unit of the ByTube Star 130 scores points with excellent energy efficiency as well as consistently even cutting quality.

Additional options heighten precision

Additional options can be configured individually and enable further operating convenience as well as enhanced production quality:

  • Laserscan: Real-time tube-bending compensation for improving cutting precision, which means high accuracy is guaranteed in all cutting conditions, even with low-quality material.
  • Quick Cut: Greater speed for improved capacity due to an additional linear axis.

The automatic weld seam detection enables automatic alignment of the weld seam to the desired position. With Laserscan, the function independently recognizes and compensates for geometric deviations in tubes, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of cutting processes regardless of raw material quality.

Left or right is not an issue

As the sole global supplier, Bystronic also provides the ByTube Star 130 laser cutting system in a design with a mirrored configuration upon request. This enables customers to select the optimal layout for their individual production flow. Although simple at first glance, the mirroring opens up benefits: Loading and unloading areas no longer get in the way. It reduces not only logistical effort, but also saves space and manpower. Thanks to faster throughput time, productivity can be significantly increased.

The ByTube Star 130 combines intelligent machine design and leading cutting technology. The simple operation, broad range of applications, and sophisticated options ensure that Bystronic customers always stay one step ahead of the field in increasingly tough competition.

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