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Bystronic UK host successful open house event

Sheet metalworking machine supplier, Bystronic UK, welcomed more than 80 visitors to its latest open house, held at the company's Coventry headquarters and technical centre from 12 to 14 July. During the week of the event, orders were placed for three laser cutting machines, indicating that UK manufacturing still has a positive outlook post-Brexit.

Bystronic’s latest fibre laser machine was on show, the ByStar Fiber, which boasts Industry 4.0 readiness and a new control system. The machine has been designed from the ground up to move a fibre optic cutting head across the laser bed as efficiently as possible. A full length sliding door allows users to remove rush jobs or inspect components from the side at any time, even when large orders are running, which is a big advantage for job shops as they need to be flexible.

With its high-end performance, the ByStar Fiber is aimed at users who want to rely exclusively on fibre laser technology and use it to process thick as well as thin sheet - from stainless steel, through aluminium and mild steel, to non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.

Another focus at the open house was on pressbrake operation. Theoretical and practical presentations throughout the mornings on Bystronic Xpert machines introduced visiting engineers to tips and tricks for saving time and increasing productivity and component accuracy.

The company also highlighted improved ergonomics on the Xpert 40 pressbrake, which can now be equipped with a height-adjustable, 22-inch touch screen. Two further options are a bending line projection laser for when the operator cannot, or chooses not to, position the sheet using the backgauge; and an optical foot switch to trigger pressbrake operation, eliminating the need to reposition a manual foot switch when the operating position changes.

The redesigned generation of BySprint Fiber 3015 and 4020 laser cutting systems was also promoted. It has an extended performance package that includes additional functions in the basic version. The machines can now be controlled from a 22-inch touch screen, allowing the operator to load the cutting plans with a few swipes of a finger. In the background, the software accesses an extensive database containing cutting parameters for all common sheet metal materials and thicknesses. Taking the component geometry into account, it generates the ideal cutting process.

In addition, Bystronic has expanded the basic version of the BySprint Fiber with three powerful additional functions to deliver more performance at no extra cost.

Detection Eye speeds recognition of sheet position on the table using a camera mounted on the cutting bridge. The system reduces the time needed to prepare the next cutting job by up to 17 seconds and consequently increases valuable production time. Moreover, a cutting plan can be better adapted to the sheet size, resulting in reliable cutting to the edges of the metal sheet and hence better material utilisation.

Power Cut Fiber increases the cutting capacity of the 6kW version of the BySprint Fiber, enabling very fine cutting quality on thicker plate. Brass up to 15mm, mild steel up to 25mm and aluminium up to 30mm can be processed with impressive edge quality.

The third additional function, Observer, is a camera-based, remote monitoring system that provides users with a direct link to a BySprint Fiber from web-enabled devices such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Information about the production processes can be accessed, regardless of time and location. Unscheduled idle times can be minimised and deviations from the planned time per part reduced.

In the area of waterjet cutting, IGEMS Bevel Manager was introduced, allowing users to program 3D waterjet applications for the ByJet Flex. The high-performance CAD/CAM software is a stand-alone solution that offers a simple and consistent programming process for creating cutting plans for parts with bevelled edges. In addition, users can use IGEMS Bevel Manager to import 3D CAD files of parts to be cut. The software ensures efficient definition of cutting technologies for all common geometries, with user-friendly functions such as nesting and simulation of cutting paths.

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