Bystronic UK open house to demonstrate smart factory capabilities

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At its open house in Coventry, 19th to 21st March 2019, Bystronic UK will repeat its Swiss parent company's presentation on world class manufacturing entitled "The Networked World of Sheet Metal Processing", which featured at last year's EuroBLECH exhibition. Visitors will learn where integrated automation and new software solutions are heading in the fields of laser cutting and bending.

Dan Thombs, managing director of the UK subsidiary said, "Bystronic accompanies its customers step by step on the path to the smart factory. This is what we will be emphasising during our open house. We will explain how our comprehensive range of new products and services are helping customers’ achieve greater efficiency through integrated production."

In this way, manufacturers can achieve a high degree of flexibility and transparency in their production, both being important prerequisites for manufacturing products more quickly, cost-effectively and intelligently. In the future, thanks to new software solutions, users will be able to create quotes faster, plan production processes efficiently and make the best use of their resources. Live monitoring systems provide real-time information about processes, helping to optimise costs, which leads to sustainable growth and competitive success.

Mr Thombs continued, "Until recently, automation and integrated systems development has been focused on OEM’s and mass production. Increasingly, with our automated flexible solutions and software, users will be able to produce small series items as economically as standardised, high-volume series.

"We will explain how Bystronic Solutions make this possible by coordinating adaptive planning with material ordering and supply, controlled production and predictive maintenance, leading to reduced lead-times and increased profitability for our customers."

Integrated automation of production steps is another key factor for success. To achieve this in the field of laser cutting, Bystronic uses modular automation systems for material handling that grow with the customer's requirements and with increasing laser output. As regards bending, Bystronic is driving forward the development of flexible automation modules that enable rapid transition between automated and manual operation.

Service, support and training will be at the heart of Bystronic development to ensure customers realise all the benefits of a networked production environment. Networked solutions present a range of opportunities for Bystronic to improve the speed of response and resolution time for issues, increasing reliability and efficiency in customer’s facilities. 

Remote access, intuitive interfaces and condition based monitoring present Bystronic engineers with new tools for troubleshooting and to make improvements without the time delay inherent in visiting a facility. New service structures, systems and capabilities support these developments.

Manufacturers will learn more by visiting Bystronic UK during its open house from 19th to 21st March 2019. The venue is 6 Wayside Business Park, Wilsons Lane, Coventry, CV6 6NY. Registration is online at







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