Ever-Guard laser protective curtains

Constructed from metal panels, the Ever-Guard ceiling mounted curtains from Laser Components are a diverse large area laser protection solution that provides the protection of a metal screen, with the flexibility of a curtain. The 25cm hinged aluminium panels safely absorb and dissipate both scattered and direct laser radiation of all wavelengths thanks to their unique EN 12254 certified honeycomb surface, suitable for use with both low power and high power laser applications.

LAS 160

ULT has introduced the LAS 160, the latest addition to the new extraction and filtration device generation for laser fume and dust. The system, developed to remove dry incombustible dusts, has been transferred to the new ULT design line and provides a simplified filter handling

Laser safety filters and curtains

Laser Components has introduced a new range of laser safety filters designed for use in the 1,400-1,550nm band. According to the company, the eyewear offers superior protection at a reduced weight thanks to their polycarbonate filters. With optical densities of 1,400-1,550nm OD4+ and 1,410-1,510nm OD5+, these filters are a cost effective alternative to glass filters. A polycarbonate filter which provides protection in the 750-1,1200nm range is also available with specifications of 750-1,120nm OD6+ and 800-1,100nm 7+, making it suited to infrared applications.

ULT 1500 and ULT 2500

ULT AG, vendor of extraction and filtration technology for airborne pollutants, introduces its next generation systems ULT 1500 and ULT 2500

AD 2000 iQ and AD Oracle SA iQ

BOFA, the award-winning global market leader in fume extraction solutions has introduced two new ‘performers’ to its comprehensive range of  units for the laser industry, featuring  the revolutionary iQ operating system.

Available to order from January 2015, the AD 2000 iQ and AD Oracle SA iQ models are the latest BOFA products to incorporate the innovative class-leading iQ system which has received wide industry acclaim since its launch two years ago.

LAS 260

ULT presents an ideally designed filter concept implemented in its extraction and filtration system for laser processes, LAS 260. Due to significantly increased filter life times, users are able to save costs on long-term basis in terms of filter exchange and energy management. Compared with the current state of the art, ULT succeeded in halving filter costs. Consequently, the company introduces an extremely attractive particle filter technology.

Laser safety goggles

Laser safety eyewear is the most important consideration when designing or selling a product which features lasers.  Many of these products use high power lasers to promote operation use in bright environments or for good imaging contrast.  However these high power lasers can be damaging to customers‘ and users‘ eyes.  In the past calculating the laser safety requirement was tedious and tiresome, however Laser Components can ease this by doing the maths for you!








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