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Coherent introduces diffractive optical elements for high-power industrial lasers

Coherent has introduced a product line of diffractive optical elements (DOEs) for high-power industrial lasers.

The new line of highly customised DOEs achieve very high optical efficiency and extremely uniform laser beams.

The DOEs are available with precision optical coatings that ensure high reliability in kilowatt-class industrial lasers for a wide range of applications, including for welding, cutting, and additive manufacturing.

DOEs offer a unique opportunity for industrial laser designers to combine multiple optical functions into one optical element, greatly simplifying system-level assembly. Such capabilities translate into much lower cost of ownership and greater reliability, due to the lower number of parts, the greater ease of optical alignment, and the lower number of failure mechanisms over time.

“Diffractive optics is promising to be a disruptive technology for next-generation industrial lasers," said Dr Sanjai Parthasarathi, Chief Marketing Officer at Coherent. "DOEs combine the ultimate in optics design flexibility with low-cost manufacturing, fueling a rapidly growing market that could soon exceed $1 billion, according to industry analysts.”

Coherent’s broad portfolio of components for industrial lasers also includes high-power collimators, beam expanders, f-theta lenses, optical isolators, and galvo mirrors.

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