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Coherent introduces new CW green laser

Coherent’s new Verdi C multi-watt, CW 532nm (green) laser offers a space-saving format for scientists and OEMs alike. This is due to the newest addition to the Verdi family featuring complete integration – where the laser head, power supply, control electronics and the watercooled baseplate are all incorporated into a single, compact package. With an initial choice of 12, 15 and 18W outputs, these new lasers offer both convenience and performance for laboratory and industrial applications.

The Verdi C lasers all make use of Coherent’s optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology, delivering several performance benefits, including very low noise; wide (10-100 per cent) power tunability; and excellent stability due to the OPSL design.

The integrated platform and updated components of the Verdi C lasers offer improved ease of use, reliability and longevity. The one-box design eliminates the laser umbilical, puts the power supply right next to the pump diodes, and includes improvements at the component level.

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