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Coherent introduces new laser marking sub-systems

Coherent has released the PowerLine E 6 QS (AC) and PowerLine E 12 QS (AC) laser marking sub-systems for applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries. Both systems include an air-cooled green 532nm laser, optional scanning optics, and power monitoring functionality. 

The two laser markers offer a choice of either 6W or 12W of pulsed (Q-switched) output.

In addition to the elimination of water and reduced number of sub-components, the PowerLine E 6/12 QS (AC) is easier to integrate, maintain, and service than typical water-cooled laser markers.

The PowerLine E 12 QS (AC) is also available in Coherent’s PowerLine D format, where one laser powers two scanners by means of a beamsplitter. This configuration enables larger marking fields and up to two times faster marking, all while operating as a single laser marker. The new markers are ideal for system builders and production line integration in any application where mark quality, aesthetics, and legibility are critical.

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