Coherent-Rofin to display latest products for medical device manufacturing at Medtec Europe 2018

Coherent-Rofin will display its latest products for medical device manufacturing at Medtec Europe 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany on 17-19 April – booth 10G12.

The firm supplies a wide range of turnkey laser machines to medical device manufacturers, including solutions for cutting, welding, marking, drilling, ablation and surface treatment of metals, polymers and organics.

Coherent-Rofin supplies the StarCut Tube laser cutting system for the production of stents, heart valves, retrieval baskets, engineered hypotube shafts, endoscopes and laparoscopic surgery tools, to name some examples. The StarCut Tube is available in two-, three- and four-axis versions, with a choice of fiber or ultrashort pulse lasers, allowing cutting of the widest range of geometries and materials at whatever level of precision is required. Wet cutting, auto tube loading and un-loading are standard options. The newest product offering is the StarCut Tube SL equipped with a laser of the Monaco series. The Monaco is a femtosecond laser, which enables higher process quality and thus new product designs for our customers. It facilitates extreme miniaturisation of neurovascular and cardiovascular products from materials like Nitinol which traditionally have been difficult to post-process. Monaco cuts parts very cleanly, eliminating many downstream chemical cleaning steps. This exciting technology ‘cold cuts’ the parts and opens up many possibilities for product development teams. Visit the StarCut Tube SL at the Coherent-Rofin booth.

The welding product portfolio includes the manual Desktop and Performance systems commonly used in dental applications and for spot welding of wires and tubes. The triple mode – manual, joystick and CNC driven welders, Select and Integral – have proven popular with low to medium volume production and R+D projects, and enable the rapid testing of prototypes. The fully CNC MPS (Modular Processing System) systems are customised based on user requirement specifications. The MPS provides many alternative solutions to customers’ high end medical device projects where precision, throughput and quality are critical. MPS systems are typically equipped with pulsed YAG or pulsed and CW fiber lasers and are used extensively in the welding of medical devices such as peripheral stents. Visit the Performance Unlimited manual welder at the Coherent-Rofin booth.

Coherent-Rofin’s latest laser marking product is the new EasyMark benchtop laser marker which fulfils the requirements for UDI marking of medical devices. The new compact EasyMark can be equipped with a range of laser sources, making it suitable for marking and engraving metals and engineering plastics. The larger floor standing systems CombiLine Basic and CombiLine Advanced competently handle the most demanding marking and engraving tasks, offering a wide variety of laser types, including the PowerLine Rapid NX picosecond laser, which results in a corrosion free and extreme black mark on surgical instruments. Visit the new EasyMark marking system at the Coherent-Rofin booth.


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