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Collimated Beam Shaper

Laser Components is able to provide a flat top beam shaper element, which creates a uniform-intensity beam at a specified working distance. However, for applications that require a wide working distance range or an extended depth of focus, over a long distance, even a very uniform shaped beam can become less uniform and change size or shape slightly.  This is why we can now provide a collimated beam shaper module, the natural complement to the standard flat top beam shaper element, which can solve this problem.  With our collimated beam shaper module, the uniform-intensity beam is maintained with high fidelity, power uniformity and constant size/shape over an extended working distance range.  The shape remains well-defined with sharp edges and with the option of being round, square, rectangular, elliptical, line or any other shape that the user requires.  This is ideal for industrial surface treatment where the working surface can be located at a wide variety of distances from the laser delivery system.  Using this element can make the processing even, smooth and with a clean edge at any working distance in the specified range.

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