ConoProbe Mark10-HD

Optimet has announced the ConoProbe Mark10-HD, a high precision non-contact laser sensor for distance and 3D measurements to sub-micron levels. The Mark10-HD is designed for 2D, 3D, surface contour, and volumetric measurements for quality control, inspection, and metrology applications.

Based on the company's Conoscopic Holography technology, the sensor delivers very high precision measurements down to 0.5µm with wide angular coverage to 150˚ in all directions. The small laser spot size provides high lateral resolution for accurate measurements of small features and small radii. The Mark10-HD can be easily integrated into customer software using the company's Smart 32 SDK or the new LabView SDK.

The Mark10-HD works on complex surfaces, materials, geometric patterns, and even shiny machined parts. Special calibration of the sensor for semi-transparent materials allows scanning of dental impressions, wax, plastic, and translucent materials.

The sensor also includes an autoexposure feature that increases dynamic range in real time without the need to change laser power. Objects with both bright and dark features can be inspected without changing laser power.

The Mark10-HD, as well as all of Optimet's sensors, can be easily integrated into customer systems using LabVIEW; and all SDK functions are available as VI blocks. Users can quickly access functions using the LabView help menu.



By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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