Cut control and automatic nozzle change functions

Bystronic has added two functionalities to its BySprint Fiber laser machines to increase periods of unattended running.

From Spring 2014, the Cut Control function will be available for machines with 3 and 4kW laser sources. Integrated process monitoring stops the machine automatically if an interruption in the cut is detected, and returns the head to repeat that section of the cut. Cut Control can also determine the precise position of the edge of the sheet on the table, resulting in optimal material utilisation.

With the automatic nozzle change feature, the machine automatically selects the optimum nozzle from one of 40 stations in a magazine. The nozzle change takes 15 seconds.

With a nozzle magazine fitted, a fibre laser machine can be pre-equipped for unattended cutting of orders involving sheet metals of varying types and thicknesses. Automatic nozzle change is available for all combinations of the BySprint Fiber, including in the 3 x 1.5m and 4 x 2m formats and with 2, 3 or 4kW power.


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