D-20 XY galvanometer scan head

Nutfield Technology has released its latest product, the D-20 XY galvanometer scan head. A fully digital, encoder-based scan head, the D-20 is ideal for applications requiring the highest levels of accuracy as well as stability.

Because the D-20 XY is a high-resolution, encoder-based scan head, it is extremely accurate and is able to operate in areas where insensitivity to environmental factors is essential. This makes it ideal for use in areas such as micromachining, laser drilling, laser welding, laser ablation, and precision scribing.

Nutfield Technology’s XY2-100 interface provides the D-20 XY Scan Head with full 16-bit addressability and 20-bit addressability is available. The new digital scan head can also be easily interfaced with the company’s exclusive WaveRunner Scan Control Software and the Pipeline/SurfBoard Scan Controllers.

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