DigiFabster updates include 99.9% uptime, QuickBooks Desktop integration, and smarter packing lists with QR codes

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DigiFabster, known for automating quotes for 3D/AM, CNC, laser-cutting, and waterjet manufacturers, has updated its software to include industry-leading 3rd party integrations, as well as fast implementation and scannable packing lists.

In their ongoing work to reduce costs and labor-intensive activities for manufacturers around the world, DigiFabster has built upon their lightning-fast quote automating software to include a QuickBooks Desktop integration that few SaaS companies have been able to achieve.

The integration between DigiFabster's quoting and e-commerce software and QuickBooks Desktop opens a two-way communication that syncs customer info instantly. This means less time spent reconciling customer info to QuickBooks Desktop and streamlining bookkeeping for manufacturers.

"This is not a common integration in the current market," says DigiFabster Chief Technology Officer, Dmitry Vlasov, "because the integration can be quite cumbersome, compared to software like Xero or Salesforce. Many of our customers use QuickBooks Desktop as their accounting software so we made building this integration a priority, which most other SaaS companies haven't done."

Features of this integration allow manufacturers to set their own triggers and conditions for the type of customer info that's automatically synced to their QuickBooks Desktop software, so they can customize their automatic record-keeping.

"Many of our customers use QuickBooks Desktop as their accounting software so we made building this integration a priority, which most other SaaS companies haven't done."

Close to zero downtime
Through continual optimization across their servers, infrastructure, networking, and security systems, as well as the relationship with AWS hosting, DigiFabster has gotten their implementation uptime to an ideal 99.9%, far above the industry standard.

This means manufacturers who implement DigiFabster software for the first time will experience nominal downtime accepting orders, making it an ideal solution for global manufacturers who operate online across time zones.

Reducing paper trails
To further help manufacturers digitize and automate operations, DigiFabster recently introduced packing lists with scannable QR codes, replacing the need for multiple paper printouts of model details.

The QR codes can be used with a smartphone or tablet and open up the model's order page on DigiFabster, so employees can see renderings as well as the status of the order right at its point of manufacture.







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