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Diode laser offers high output power in a compact, all-in-one package

The Coherent HighLight™ DL HPS is an industrial diode laser that offers high power output (1 kW to 4 kW) in a compact, self-contained package, making it particularly useful for systems integrators and end users performing metal cladding, heat treating, brazing, and welding. The HighLight DL HPS utilizes an “all-in–one” configuration, meaning that the laser head, power supply, water chiller, and heat exchanger are all contained in a single enclosure. Yet, this enclosure measures only 670 x 1050 x 1760 mm, making it suitable for space-constrained applications, such as those often found in the automotive industry.

Another significant advantage of the HighLight DL HPS is that its conduction-cooled laser diodes enable the closed-loop chiller to utilize distilled water. This allows for a much easier implementation when compared with products which require the complexity and expense of deionized water. 

More from CoherentDr Jörg Neukum highlights how the ease of integration and maintenance of direct diode lasers has contributed towards their increased uptake in industry

The HighLight DL HPS is available with numerous factory options and accessories. The near-IR output is delivered through a detachable delivery fiber terminating in a choice of QBH or QD connector. Coherent also offers a wide variety of processing heads, including zoom focusing units, which enable the output to be tailored in size, shape, and intensity to the specific requirements of each application. This makes the HighLight DL HPS suitable for a wide range of applications in industries as diverse as oil/gas, agriculture, construction, 3D additive manufacturing, and semiconductor fabrication.

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