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Division of North American automotive supplier invests in AM machine for serial production

MacLean Additive, a start-up division of MacLean Fogg Component Solutions, one of the 100 largest automotive suppliers in North America, has purchased an SLM 280 3.0 Production Series system from SLM Solutions.

MacLean Additive is the home of the Formetrix L-40 steel powder, an engineered, patented, high-performance steel alloy designed to provide users with a combination of hardness, ductility, toughness, and 3D-printability.

Durable tooling manufactured with Formetrix L-40 powder have been serially produced via SLM Solutions machines and are deployed across multiple industries and processes.

A key pillar of SLM Solutions is the ability for an open-architecture system that enables Tier 1 experts like MacLean Additive to supply their customers with their unique material properties. This installed SLM machine will be used to produce hundreds of identified Formetrix L-40 3D- tools annually, with technical and economic benefits far exceeding those of traditional tooling. 

“Some of the most innovative use cases for Formetrix L-40 powder were developed and printed using SLM machines. This proven performance made SLM machines the perfect fit for our initial production product lines,” commented Greg Rizzo, Vice President and General Manager of MacLean Additive.

Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions, stated: “We’re excited to partner with MacLean Additive on theindustrialization and growth of their 3D metal printing product lines. Success with another innovative powder like Formetrix L-40 tool steel adds to the already impressive list of materials validated and proven on SLM machines. We look forward to the mutual growth of Formetrix L-40 powder usage and the rapid adoption of SLM Solutions’ technology”. 

The machine will be delivered to one of MacLean Additive’s design and manufacturing centers in the Detroit metropolitan area.

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