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Edmund Optics offers two new objectives from AdlOptica

Edmund Optics now offers two new objectives from AdlOptica that enable a growing range of laser optics applications. This product expansion includes objective lenses that minimise optical aberrations for improved focusing and multiple focal depths for advanced material processing.

The first, AplanoXX Aplan Objectives, are designed for use with ultrafast solid-state and fibre lasers and are optimised for 800nm (Ti:sapphire) and 1,030nm (Tb:doped) wavelengths. These objectives compensate for spherical aberration and coma when focusing light into glass, sapphire, silicon carbide, silicon, PMMA, and other transparent materials. These objectives are ideal for micromachining glass, 3D nanofabrication, waveguide recording, and selective laser etching.

The second, FoXXus Multi-Focus Objectives, focus laser light to one, two, or four foci along the optical axis, increasing the effective depth of focus and enabling high-speed multilayer cutting of brittle materials such as glass, sapphire, and silicon carbide. These objectives are optimised for either 515/1,030nm or 1,064nm wavelength ultrafast solid-state and fibre lasers such as Yb:doped and Nd:YAG lasers.

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