Edmund Optics releases new laser optics video series

Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, announces the Laser Optics Lab, a video series that helps customers better understand laser optics technology and its applications.

The first five videos, each approximately three minutes or less in duration, explain the fundamentals of laser optics including specifications, product types, and coating methods. These videos are designed to guide viewers around key laser optics concepts, providing them a basis to choose the best product to integrate into their system or project.

Laser Optics Lab begins with five stand-alone video segments:
Introduction - provides an overview of laser technology, examines the physics behind how lasers work, and showcases different laser types.
Back Reflections - explains back reflections, why they occur, and how to prevent them.
Specifications for Selecting a Laser - discusses laser specifications including wavelength, coherence length, beam divergence, and Rayleigh range.
Beam Expander Configurations and Designs - introduces the uses of beam expanders, and looks at different beam expander designs and how they work.
Coatings - explores the different coating types used for laser optics and explains their benefits.
More videos will be added to the series in 2018. The Laser Optics Lab video series can be viewed on the Edmund Optics website at: https://edmundoptics.eu/resources/industry-expertise/laser-optics/.


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