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Erlas releases new working head model for laser-assisted surface treatment and AM

The latest model of Erlaser Hard + Clad working head could be developed due to the improved beam quality of high performance diode lasers.

It disposes of an internal mirror revolver for an automatic change of the beam imaging optics. In addition to that, it is also possible to exchange technology-specific auxiliary equipment such as feeding devices for powder or wobbling appliances automatically.

As the presence of an appropriate pyrometer is essential for receiving excellent results in laser surface treatment, especially for laser beam cladding of regular and even multi layered structures, the latest Erlaser Hard + Clad working head has a two-colour digital high speed pyrometer with an extended temperature range from 600°C to 2,300°C (standard is 350°C to 1,300°C).

Its main advantage in comparison to existing models, however, is the possibility of quick switching between beam shapes and processes. Designers of Erlas Erlanger Lasertechnik GmbH concentrated on a compact, reduced-size version.

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