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eVa cutting head

EAGLE offers an innovative solution for the steel industry, defining new standards of work – the eVa cutting head. Laser cutting head from now on enables laser cutting power up to 12 kW and processing of materials up to 50 millimeters.

eVa, is an innovation in the world, the first in the history of steel industry cutting head seamlessly works with machines with previously unattainable power of 12 kW.

This cutting head is an answer of our engineers to the growing demand for efficient, durable and reliable solutions in the field of sheet metal processing. The device has been prepared with attention to the durability of its components. The result is a competitive laser power, faster production, high efficiency and lower costs of operation and maintenance.

What distinguishes this type of cutting head is the lack of moving parts through the laser beam and relatively simple in construction design. Engineers prepared this cutting head only with two fixed lenses. Despite this, the cutting head continues to provide change of focus diameter and angle of the beam to the material.

In addition, the cover glass is far away from the cutting process. This means that it is much less susceptible to contamination generated during cutting. The result of the slides replacement will require ten times less than in the heads of other manufacturers. Additionally, this device has a protective glass, mounted over a collimating lens, which prevents contamination on the lens.

As a result our new cutting head is:

  • four times less sensitive to dirt,
  • ten times less frequent replacement of glasses,
  • the ability to service the shop floor,
  • lower maintenance costs,
  • faster piercings,
  • the possibility of automatic exchange of nozzles,
  • automatic centering,
  • automatic checking of the quality of the nozzle.

The advanced design allows a significant increase in labor productivity laser cutters and increase production. The project of our cutting head is protected by 5 patents, which is the first of its kind solution used in laser fiber technology.

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