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Excelitas Technologies introduces LINOS Telecentric F-Theta-Ronar 250mm Lens

Excelitas Technologies has introduced its LINOS Telecentric F-Theta-Ronar 250mm lens for 515nm-540nm. A standard F-Theta lens that includes FEM simulation, the new 250mm features an interchangeable, coated protective glass made of fused silica and advanced mounting technologies for a large telecentric scan field.

Ideal for use in laser material processing applications such as PCB drilling and nonferrous metal processing welding, cutting and additive manufacturing, F-Theta-Ronar 250mm lenses offer high-power suitability combined with the following advantages:

  • Large effective focal length allowing a very large working distance position
  • Telecentric design of <0.5°
  • Fused-silica design with an entrance aperture of 14mm
  • FEM simulation
  • Interchangeable, coated protective glass made of fused silica
  • Standard M85x1connecting thread

'The new F-Theta-Ronar 250mm for 515-540nm is the first lens on the market with a telecentric design that works at this focal length with a 14mm entrance aperture,' said Matthias Koppitz, application engineer at Excelitas.

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