Fan-cooled laser sensors

Ophir Photonics has released a line of high-power fan-cooled laser sensors: FL1100A-BB-65, FL600A-BB-65, and FL600A-LP1-65. The sensors are compact devices that can measure very high laser power levels from 600mW to 1,100W and energy from 250mJ to 600J with no need for water cooling. The sensors feature a large, 65mm aperture.
The sensors are available in three models: the FL600A-BB-65 for general purpose measurements, with broadband absorber, measures powers from 600mW to 600W; the FL600A-LP1-65 for long pulses, with the LP1 absorber, measures powers from 1W to 600W; and the FL1100A-BB-65 for high powers, with broadband absorber, measures powers from 600mW to 1,100W.
All Ophir thermal sensors feature a ‘smart connector’ interface that operates with the company's StarLite, Nova II, and Vega smart displays, and Juno PC interface. The display is automatically configured and calibrated when plugged into one of the company's laser measurement heads.

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