FC Laser increases capacity with new 10kW laser

Precision laser cutting specialist FC Laser has installed a new 10kW Bystronic fibre optic laser centre which is capable of cutting materials as thick as 30mm with incredible accuracy. Two more identical machines are to be ordered over the coming months.

The new 10kW laser is 40% more energy efficient than its predecessor so FC Laser will be able to boost its productivity while reducing its energy costs. Also, the machine is as easy to operate as using a mobile phone. With just a few swipes across a touch screen, the operator can sort job lists, assign cutting parameters, define the automation mode and start the cutting process.

FC Laser's General Manager Steve Connolly says: "Speed, accuracy, quality and maximum uptime - the new Bystronic machine is literally at the cutting edge of laser technology and it is so easy to use."

He adds: "When the other two machines are installed we will be in our best position yet to meet the requirements and demands of our expanding customer base."

FC Laser recently announced a record year - with 30 per cent growth in 12 months - and a move planned for 2018 to a new 20,000 sq ft factory. The company was also recently accredited to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

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