Felsomat improves part quality and cuts production time with laser welding line

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Guests get a good look at the Felsomat laser welder, looking over the twin entry/exit conveyors for RDU and PTU parts. The Fanuc robot loads the laser cleaned and pressed part into the Felsomat laser welder with Trumpf 6kW laser.

When a leading automotive supplier in Mexico was looking to cut production time and improve part quality for their rear drive assembly (RDU) and power transfer unit (PTU) assembly, they turned to Felsomat USA.

The Felsomat USA automation experts used their expertise to create not one, but two laser welders for this customer.

“We’re thrilled that we had the opportunity to show this automotive supply leader the capabilities of our laser welding line, and that the customer saw the incredible benefits of our system,” said Daniel Maerklin, president at Felsomat USA. He continued: “We knew our complete laser welding system would be the perfect fit for the application because of its production quality, versality, and short cycle times. Clearly, the customer saw the benefits too as we just shipped their second complete system!”

The Felsomat laser welding cell is called a complete welding system, because of all of the amazing components it includes. “We wanted the laser welding system to really do it all, essentially be a one-stop-shop for the laser welding of parts. With this system, we’ve successfully achieved that goal,” said Maerklin. And that is absolutely not an understatement, according to the firm. This complete line includes press, laser clean, and ultrasonic test stations, as well as a robot handling system. By combining all of these pieces, the complete part assembly can be performed in one system, minimizing production times and improving overall part quality.

Showcasing some of its extreme versatility, this laser welding line has an interchangeable laser head and clamp that can be easily swapped for each individual part. “We know that the thought of changing out these pieces can be scary, but we’ve designed the machine so that it is not only simple to change but can also be done in no time! We know that production time is critical, so we ensure changeover times are minimized,” said Maerklin.

The laser welder is equipped with a 6kW Trumpf laser source. “We work very closely with the experts at TRUMPF and are excited to partner with them again for the laser sources in our state-of-the-art laser welders,” continues Maerklin. Not only was versatility and power essential for this customer, but so was maintaining consistently high part qualities. “To ensure parts are perfect, every time, our Felsomat laser welder is equipped with a laser seam tracking and weld monitoring system from Lessmueller” concludes Maerklin.

Want to see Felsomat Technologies In Person?

If you’re interested in seeing Felsomat technologies live, their Konigsbach-Stein, Germany based headquarters is hosting Technology Days between October 12 – 14, 2021. Throughout this open house, the automation leader will showcase their e-motor traction motor stator and rotor assembly systems. This includes a fully functioning stator line that will be running real parts for an Italian customer that produces German sports cars, as well as e-motor trickling station demonstrations, 2D and 3D hairpin stator bending demonstration, and Felsomat FHC hobbing and machine demonstrations. 

Not able to make it all the way to Germany?

If you can’t make it out to Germany, the Felsomat USA team didn’t want you to miss out! So, they’ll be hosting an Oktoberfest celebration at their Schaumburg, IL facility on Thursday, October 28, 2021. During the event, they’ll be showcasing their latest technology, automation systems, and hobbing machines. Make sure you stop by to check out all of the innovative technology, enjoy a delicious German beer, and some tasty schnitzel! To register, visit the website below. 







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