Fibre endcaps

Fiberguide’s fiber endcaps increase power handling tolerances of optical fiber cores for high power assemblies. The large endcaps (up to 25mm) allow for very high laser input power, up to 5kW, with great efficiency.

The endcaps reduce power density at the air/ silica interface, which is a common point of laser damage, allowing higher coupled power into the fiber core. Fiberguide’s proprietary laser processing minimizes surface imperfections and maximizes power handling. Fiberguide can also exclusively treat endcaps with its RARe Motheye anti-reflective process, creating endcaps with less than 0.5 percent reflectance.

When coupled with RARe Motheye treated fibers, Fiberguide endcaps produce an assembly capable of very high efficiency of transmission with exceedingly low reflective properties. The resulting assembly is ideal for applications requiring high power such as laser welding and engraving.

Analysis and opinion

By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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