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Foba to premier new marking system at Motek and productronica

FOBA has big plans with the introduction of a small laser marking revolution: At “Motek” in Stuttgart (October 7-10, 2019) and the “productronica” in Munich (November 12-15, 2019), the expert in direct part marking will be presenting an innovative laser marking unit for the 
integration into production lines. The new system has been developed in cooperation with and according to the needs of integrators and the automotive industry.

At the "Motek", the international trade fair for automation in production and assembly (Stuttgart/Germany, October 7-10, 2019), and the "productronica" trade fair for electronics development and production (Munich/Germany, November 12-15, 2019), FOBA will be presenting a new marking solution developed for line integration. Different system variants will maximize marking flexibility in terms of marking field size, laser power and exit angle of the laser beam.

This new generation of marking lasers will redefine line compatibility, ease of installation and usability as well as service. Further details on the product, such as name and technical features, will not be released to the public before the shows. At both fairs, FOBA addresses primarily machine and electronics manufacturers. Mechanical and machine line integrators engineering and the electronics manufacturing industry, as well as the automotive and medical industry, are the main target markets for FOBA. The North German marking laser manufacturer is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. FOBA's laser systems label virtually any metal or plastic used in the industries, as well as many other materials, in high quality.

In addition to its marking laser line modules, FOBA also offers its M-Series compact closed-loop marking workstations equipped with fiber or UV laser heads. An optional camera system integrated in the marking head is used for automated part recognition and mark alignment. Special features of FOBA's camera-controlled marking units are the holistic marking principle "HELP" and IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) as well as Mosaic, a marking feature for highly efficient mark alignment without part fixtures.