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Foba to release new laser marking head

Foba is set to release its new laser marking head, Titus.

The head will be compatible with the firm’s new fibre laser markers Foba Y.0200-xs and Y.0300-xs, which Foba claims ‘will be true game changers in the product identification industries’. They have been developed in cooperation with and according to the needs of integrators, OEMs and the automotive industry, and are the perfect fit for line integration.

The new head is according to Foba the smallest, lightest and easiest to integrate laser marking head in the industry. It features two laser power levels, two beam orientations as well as two fibre laser umbilical lengths, one being 10m.

The new marking lasers come with a wide range of industrial protocols and 'clamp’n go' bracketry, which makes them perfect for easy and quick installation in industrial production lines. Rated IP69, they are even set up for installation in harsh environments. According to Foba, this new generation of marking lasers will redefine line compatibility, ease of installation and product changeover, usability and serviceability.

The firm primarily addresses machine and electronics manufacturers as well as suppliers to the automotive industry. It also targets machine line integrators and the medical industry. Its laser systems label virtually any metal or plastic used in industry, as well as many other materials, in high quality. The German-based marking laser manufacturer belongs to the Danaher-group and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.