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FP 010

A new, 1 kW (average power) pulsed fiber laser from Coherent Rofin offers the highest beam quality currently available at this power level, thus enabling high throughput, precision ablation for a variety of industrial and solar applications.  Specifically, the FP 010 delivers a maximum pulse energy of 100 mJ, at pulse widths between 10 ns and 100 ns, and with repetition rates ranging from 10 kHz to 30 kHz.  A beam parameter product of < 24 mm x mrad (for a 400 μm, round core output fiber) enables this power to be effectively concentrated into small focused spot sizes.  The result is the ability to achieve a higher power focused spot at a given distance than other pulsed fiber lasers, or to achieve the same spot size, but at a longer working distance or over a larger scanning field. 

In addition, the Coherent | Rofin FP 010 is constructed to deliver exceptional reliability and high uptime in demanding, multi-shift industrial environments.  This is achieved, in part, by using the same, field-proven components as employed in the company’s standard, CW fiber laser products.  Also, the use of pump laser bars having a wide emitter separation minimizes the impact of a single diode failure on overall system operation. 

The unique combination high average power, high pulse energy and superior beam quality makes the FP 010 an ideal source for ablation, surface cleaning, and precision material and coating removal in a range of applications.  These include AlSi removal from tailored blank parts prior to welding, edge deletion for thin film (CdTe, CIGS) solar cells, cleaning of molds, aerospace components and other precision parts, as well as other surface cleaning, activation and structuring uses.

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