Free-standing laser barriers

All working environments are different; especially where high power laser systems are in use. Some are able to isolate the laser system in a dedicated chamber whereas others prefer a retractable permanent enclosure for the combined benefit of high power laser protection and open access to the laser system.

There are some customers where either of these solutions will not work and mobile barriers are required. For these users we are pleased to promote our range of mobile barriers.

Flex-Guard 5M light-weight fabric barriers; the 5M range of laser safety barriers are designed to withstand 250W/cm² of incident laser power and are up to 6’W x 7’H in size. These free-standing barriers can be collapsed for storage and even linked together to create a temporary, laser safe wall structure.

Ever-guard metal barriers; the Ever-Guard barriers are designed to withstand up to 1200W/cm² of incident laser energy, and are fitted with wheels to provide easy relocation when required. A lower power, Flex-Guard option is also available if you prefer wheels instead of a free-standing option.

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