Freeform beam shaping laser optics

IIVI today announced the introduction of its freeform beam shaping laser optics for fiber and direct diode laser applications.

The rapidly increasing number of applications in laser-based materials processing is driving the demand for laser processing heads with engineered beam geometries that maximize process efficiency and minimize equipment cost and size. II-VI’s industry leading freeform diamond turning capabilities deliver custom high power laser optics with precise surface finish to enable the design of highly differentiated beam shaping optical systems used in advanced laser processing heads.

“II-VI is leveraging its deep expertise in freeform nanotechnology surfacing techniques to offer a nearly limitless number of custom design options to optimize laser-based materials processing tasks,” said John Ryan, Vice President of Sales, II-VI Laser Solutions. “Our Bessel focus lenses in particular, enable our customers to engineer beams with elongated depth of focus that greatly improve the efficiency of their laser processing heads.”

II-VI offers a broad range of freeform beam shaping laser optics including Bessel focus lenses, facetted integrators, vortex lenses, flat top converters, biconic lenses, axicons and dual focus lenses. II-VI also offers debris windows and turnkey capabilities in optical design, fabrication, thin film coatings and metrology.

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