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Genki 10 XP

Onefive has released the Genki 10 XP picosecond laser featuring 100W output power in a compact package, for optimal and cost-effective workstation integration.

The Genki 10 XP platform is based on the Genki seed laser and provides clean pulses shorter than 10ps, which is an optimal pulse duration for many micromachining applications. To satisfy the increasing demand for picosecond laser workstations, the laser has been optimised to provide up to 100W of average power and 300μJ pulse energy at 1,064nm wavelength.

Wavelength conversion options are available as well, and pulse repetition rates up to 80MHz can be achieved. The laser also offers burst-mode operation and can be tailored to work at lower repetition rates with even higher energies.

This product is an all-in-one design containing a seed laser, an amplifier, and driving and timing electronics in one box. The laser can be completely controlled via RS232, offering remote control capability.

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