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High-power collimated laser bars and collimated semi-framed stacks for direct diode and DPSS lasers

II‐VI Incorporated, a leader in high power semiconductor lasers, has introduced high power laser bars and semi-framed stacks mounted with micro-optic collimator lenses, offering customers very cost-effective modular assemblies that have high performance and reliability and can be easily integrated into direct diode lasers and diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers.

Direct diode and DPSS lasers are increasingly the tools of choice for a wide range of materials  processing, biomedical, and defense applications, due to their compact form factor, high power short-pulsed operation, and availability over a broad range of wavelengths from near-infrared to ultraviolet. The performance, quality, reliability, and cost of these systems are highly dependent on those of their semiconductor laser sub-assemblies. II-VI now combines its industry-leading high power laser bars and new simplified semi-framed stack structures with fully automated optical alignment processes to deliver modular assemblies at optimal cost.

“Our laser bars feature a proprietary hard solder technology that withstands high power pulsed operation with field-proven reliability,” said Chris Koeppen, Vice President of II-VI Industrial Laser Group. “We now efficiently deliver optimal custom designs by leveraging the automated assembly processes in our direct diode manufacturing lines. These processes enable a variety of micro-optics, such as collimator lenses and volume Bragg gratings, to be cost-effectively mounted and precisely aligned to a broad range of customer-defined stack geometries.”

II-VI’s broad portfolio of components for DPSS lasers includes neodymium-doped gain crystals such as Nd:YVO4, Nd:YLF, and Nd:YAG as well as dichroic mirrors, wavelength or polarization combiners, resonator optics and acousto-optic Q-switches. II-VI also offers beam delivery optics such as scan mirrors and lenses as well as beam expanders and f-theta lenses.

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