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HighLight DL4000HPR

The new Coherent HighLight DL4000HPR is a compact, high power, fiber delivered industrial diode laser system that offers unmatched convenience and economy for metal processing applications such as cladding, heat treating and brazing.

The HighLight DL4000HPR offers several advantages for OEMs and end users. Its small footprint and standard, 19" rack mount packaging facilitate its integration into existing systems. Additionally, the power supply and control electronics are contained in the system enclosure. This makes the system especially attractive for space-constrained environments, as are found in automotive manufacturing and semiconductor fabrication. Another significant advantage of the product is that its conduction-cooled diodes do not require deionized cooling water. This makes the HighLight DL4000HPR ideally suited to installations where deionized water and specialized DI-cartridges are not readily available.  Finally, its wall plug efficiency of 45% means low energy consumption and minimizes cost of ownership.

The HighLight DL4000HPR delivers 4kW at a wavelength between 920 nm and 1100 nm, through a detachable, 1000 μm diameter delivery fiber. A variety of output delivery fiber and beam shaping/focusing optics and connectors are available. The product is available in turnkey and tailored OEM configurations to provide maximum integration flexibility into a wide range of laser-based manufacturing systems.

The HighLight DL4000HPR is targeted at cost sensitive, high throughput material processing markets such as oil/gas, agriculture, energy, construction machinery, 3-D additive manufacturing and semiconductor manufacturing. For metal processing and semiconductor applications, high-power diode lasers offer an attractive alternative for heat treatment compared to conventional technologies such as ovens, lamps or induction coils. Specifically, the advantages include more rapid heat cycling and precise heat input to the part. These characteristics deliver improved results, faster processing and reduced energy consumption.

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